Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Well, uhm, sorry.

TBH, I actually forgot about this blog. So sorry!
I strongly believed that I had deleted it, but as I noticed 5 minutes ago, I hadn't. So let's restart all of this (as I already have again and again and again and again)!

I had a lot to do since school started, and stress only got worse. So I can't really say that I'll publish a new blog entry every week, sorry for that. But I'll really do my best to keep you entertained! I actually started a new hobby in summer, which is photography, and even though I am totally clueless about techniques, I think it's great fun and I like it. So I think I'll post some of my pictures, too. But first of all, have a make up/wig test of Medusa from Soul Eater :3